Spires May 2017

233rd Peninsula-Delaware Annual Conference

Down to the River to Pray

May 22-24

Chase Center on the Riverfront

Daily schedule posted at pen-del conference website

On Monday, May 22, United Methodists clergy and lay members will gather at the Wilmington Riverfront for the 233rd session of the Peninsula-Delaware Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church for holy conferencing around the theme What God Expects of Us.” At this yearly gathering, decisions will be made affecting the United Methodist churches in Delaware and on the Eastern Shore of Maryland which include understandings concerning our general church – The United Methodist Church around the globe.

Annual Conference is presided over by the area bishop. Our Bishop is Peggy Johnson who, you may remember, was in worship at Grace Church Easter morning 2016. One of her tasks is to keep order as resolutions are brought to the floor of each session. Resolutions for this annual conference include:

Rejecting “Religious Freedom” As a Means of Discrimination

Resolution on Delaware Conference Academy (UMES)

Resolution on the Johnson Amendment

Resolution to Retain Current General Conference Delegates

Resolution for Reducing Harm for LGBTQ Children and Youth

Resolution in Support of Environmental Justice for Native Americans

Resolution in Recognition of the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant


Resolution Relating to Computer Network and Internet Access Policy

Resolution to Set Minimum Salaries for Calendar Year 2018

Rental/Housing Allowances for Retired or Disabled Ministers of the

Peninsula-Delaware Conference

Offset Rate Increase for Health/Dental Insurance

Setting the Pre-1982 Past Service Rate

If you would like to read these resolutions in full, please go to http://www.pen-del.org/2017annualconference and look under Pre-Conference Materials. If you desire conversation around these, please speak with me and Mark Pruett-Barnett, Clergy Members or Sue DePietropaolo, Lay Member to annual conference.

An experience that you may want to attend occurs on Tuesday evening, May 23rd, at 7 pm, in Wilmington Hall, Chase Center. It is the Ordination and Commissioning Service and is filled with pageantry and holy moments. For more info on what this service is about, go to https://www.umcdiscipleship.org/worship/ordination?group=58&limit=10&cat=846&sortBy=resource_date%7Cdate&sortDirection=desc.

For those who cannot make it to the sessions, live streaming is available. Use same link as one given to get to the Pre-Conference Materials.

If you would like to see up close and personal the work of our church at the annual conference level, this is a great year to do so since it is at the Riverfront. I encourage you to take an interest in what the church is doing and how it is doing it! In the days and weeks to follow annual conference, we can discuss your findings!

In the meantime, and during the 233rd Peninsula-Delaware Annual Conference, pray! Pray for the Spirit to move through this body of Christ called The United Methodist Church as we meet and make decisions that will affect each of us in United Methodist churches here on the peninsula! Pray for Bishop Johnson as she leads the conference! We trust that God “who began a good work among you will bring it to completion by the day of Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 1:6)

In joyful expectation of all God will be doing in us and through us at annual conference!


Anne Pruett-Barnett