Transition! Transition! Transition!

Anne Pruett-Barnett

“Trust yourself and your unknowns to the only One who knows your future.”

~ 1 Peter 2:23

If you have been around Grace Church lately, you cannot miss the fact that transition is going on all around us both in the church and the city.

Urban Promise teams have begun arriving, sleeping, eating, and forming community, at Grace. Urban Promise staffer Deborah continues to be the liaison between the teams and our church, connecting us.

The City of Wilmington Summer Enrichment Camp has started with children from the city engaging with adults in summer learning and fun! Elder Kaye is the Director and is a kind, but firm, leader, intent on giving the children the best summer possible through the planning of outings in the city and beyond! Swimming, trips to the library, day trips, morning trips, are a part of this experience!

Lumina Arts, under the leadership of new staffer Merideth Hite Estevez, began a collaboration in June working with Chandra Pitts and One Village Alliance on an “around the world” camping experience for middle school aged youth in our city. This will begin mid-July and run for four weeks. Its home base will be rooms on the second floor of our church. Merideth also is engaging a small group of artists and musicians from our city (12) in a small group conversation/study using the resource The Artist’s Way.

Riverfront Church, 505 worship, continues at the Hare Pavilion on the Riverfront, led weekly by the Reverend Edwin Estevez. It is a creative worship experience that includes people beyond the Riverfront as it is live-streamed weekly. The numbers reached through live-streaming have been amazing! New score card for counting those in worship! Edwin begins at Grace Church on July 1st and will be preaching throughout the summer in our 10:25 am worship celebration. He is an excellent preacher and will challenge each of us! While he is on staff at Grace Church, his time is split ¼ Grace Church and ¾ Riverfront Church, as we collaborate with the New Castle Presbytery in launching this new church start.

Many facility changes are being made currently. Al Johnson, long-time custodian, will no longer be with us as of June 30th. Two part time employees, Donnell Bailey (who serves as the Sexton each Sunday morning) and Nick Brown, will work a split shift daily to care for the needs of the church facility. Updates are being made to the computer system and the security system. Al Taylor, our volunteer computer person, who attends worship weekly, is working with Edwin Brown and Cindy Thompson to make these happen!

Physical office space has changed. Diane Olin White’s office is now on the second floor where she can give oversight to the programming ministries that take place there.

Edwin Estevez and Merideth Hite Estevez have offices on the third floor. Finance Office has been moved to the glassed in office in the Pavilion Lobby. NA, Narcotics Anonymous, continues to meet Monday through Friday in the Gallery; Parish Purse in the Pavilion Lobby each Tuesday; and Deaf Ministries in the Gallery and wherever space is available for the ministries planned by Karen Miller.

The Wilmington Superintendent, the Reverend Joseph Archie, and his Administrative Assistant, Andrea Lenker, continue to have offices near the Johns Room, which brings pastors and lay people from other churches in New Castle and Cecil counties to our church.

When writing lists of people and activities, it’s too easy to leave out something or someone; if I have done so, my apologies in advance. Just let me know and I’ll write an addendum to this article!

Enjoy your summer! See you in worship!


Anne Pruett-Barnett, Pastor