Prayer Vigil Invitation

By Linda Emerick

Since the summer, a Tiny Prayer Group (TPG) has been meeting weekly to pray over the people of Grace and those who - locally and globally - surround our church. Early on, we all knew that we wanted to “draw the circle wider” and invite the entire community to join with us in prayer. The best vehicle for this circle-widening was considered and we began to plan a prayer vigil to be held at the end of the Christmas Season.

You may recall participating in a Good Friday Prayer Vigil several years ago. We signed up and then prayed in half-hour increments from the comfort of wherever we happened to be. This Epiphany Prayer Vigil will be similar in format except that you will be invited to first venture into the church itself at 7:00 p.m. on January 6, 2017 for a Service of Prayer and Music, “The Inner Journey.” Attending to the journey of the Magi, seeking the Christ Child with their gifts, this contemplative time will lead us into the prayerful 24 hours which will follow. There will be printed “widening circle” guided prayer petitions available for you to use, if you wish.

A sign-up sheet will be posted in the Pavilion Lobby for you to choose the half-hour segment (s) of time that suit you best. Members of our prayer community who are no longer physically able to attend Grace will be contacted and invited to join in at the time they prefer.

At the end of the second season of our church year and the beginning of our calendar year, I cannot think of a more satisfying endeavor than to join one another in an ever-widening circle of prayer for the people and work of Grace Church.



Ways to Engage God in Prayer Together

in the Weeks to Come:

¨ Give thanks to God for your time; your talents, your treasures

¨ Sit quietly for five minutes daily and open your heart to God’s loving presence

¨ Offer a sentence prayer for Grace Church each day

¨ Come to worship weekly and pray together as a church family

¨ Participate in the 24 Hour Prayer Vigil that begins on January 6th, Friday evening, in the sanctuary during our Epiphany celebration.


Reverend Anne Pruett-Barnett, Senior Pastor  
Dr. Neil Harmon, Director of Music   
Diane Olin White, Interim, Director of Community Building & Programming Ministries 
Edwin Brown, Head of Maintenance   
Al Johnson, Custodian     
Cindy Thompson, Parish Coordinator  
Karen Miller, Deaf Ministries Coordinator                            
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