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Brent Apotheker


Fellowship Time February to December 2017

In an attempt to simplify fellowship time, we are going to try a new model for the rest of 2017. Here are the big ideas: On the third Sunday of most months, we will have a full fellowship time with savory, sweet, special foods and drinks. I will still start the coffee and hot water during the colder months. On the rest of the Sundays there will be one snack and juice and coffee available in the lobby after worship.

We chose the third Sunday because the deaf community is worshipping with us. And in April, Easter is on the third Sunday this year so the church will have hot cross buns and juice following worship and the full fellowship time will be the next week on the fourth Sunday.

Third Sunday fellowship teams: Please plan among yourselves. Three bring savory items like cheese and crackers, chips and dip, veggies and hummus, etc. Two or three bring sweets like cookies, donut holes, coffee cake etc. One brings juices. Each team could work out who brings what.


                         Team 2: Geney Geoghegan, Ellen Mulshnock, Jane Wilson, Zaida Dore,  Helen Meredith, Mark Pruett-Barnett

                         Team 1: June Wilson, Karen Chellquist, Nita Holloway, Linda Emerick, Pam Scott, Jeff Blackwell

                         Backup: Diane Olin White, Maryke Cottman, Anne Pruett-Barnett


First, second, fourth, and fifth Sundays: Church will provide one snack (like goldfish or pretzels) and drinks after worship. Diane will put these things out but will so welcome volunteers to help clean up.

Third Sunday in December: everyone on the list bring 3 dozen cookies for the Christmas Cookie Fellowship time. Beverages as usual.

Every Sunday: one pot of regular coffee, one pot of decaf coffee, one pot hot water for tea or hot chocolate (during colder months). Pitcher of cold water. Put out carousel with stirrers, sweeteners, creamer, tea bags, etc., napkins, cups, hot plate.


February: Team 2                                            July: Team 1

March: Team 1                                                August: Team 2

April: on 4th Sunday Team 2                         September: Team 1

May: Team 1                                                   October: Team 2

June: Team 2                                                   November: Team 1


Thank you for your continued offering of hospitality to the Grace community.